Share your game with your crew.

Create live streams with voice chat, see friends in-game, and clip plays with one keystroke.

All without leaving or slowing down your game.

Summon AFK friends with voice-enabled streams.

Start a private stream by pressing ALT-S — friends can watch, talk, and tap your screen from their phones.

No more FOMO or missed rocket rides.

Clip epic plays to immortalize bragging rights.

Clip the last 15 seconds by pressing ALT-C. Malibu automatically sends it to your gaming crew in real-time.

Autoclip mode also saves highlights so you never miss the s#!%show in Hacienda.

We're just getting started.

We're a small team of engineers in San Francisco who love gaming with friends.

To get early access, DM us on Discord @msl#4938 or email us at